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Sending the Perfect Anniversary Flowers

What better way to make a lasting impression for a birthday than by giving flowers. A consumer research study proved that the answer to making a memorable impact is to give flowers. 92% of women remember the last time they received flowers. Most of these same women say that receiving flowers makes them feel very special. (Men like flower, too).

There is a protocol to giving flowers on any occasion, but particularly on a birthday. It is said “the way to a man’s heart is through is stomach, but the way to a woman’s heart is through flowers.” It is simple to express love and emotion. Just give a bouquet of flowers. Don’t be shy, but be spontaneous. If you have never given birthday flower before, you will be remembered and put on someone’s “Wow” list. Your florist will help you send an arrangement that is perfect for the birthday. Bouquets big and small make a statement. Send her/him a bouquet to the office.

Relax, flowers do not mean commitment. They just mean you acknowledge the day and that you care.

  • If you want to say “Happy Birthday” in a passionate way, pick an arrangement filled with hot pins, reds, gold, and oranges. A well thought out birthday message should accompany the arrangement.
  • Flowers are intimate. They are linked with the art of romance. If you have a good relationship with a significant other, flowers are the symbols of different situations you have gone through. Take note of her/his favorite flowers and send your birthday pal a couple of significant flowers for a birthday gift.
  • Flowers do not have to be sensual. They just need to express a feeling of happiness. If you want to say “Happy Birthday” to someone, pick a mix of garden style flowers. Do something that is fun and maybe choose a basket with flowering and green plants. Have them delivered to her/his home or office on their birthday. 
  • If you are not expecting flowers for your birthday, what better surprise than a fresh bouquet. If you want to send something trendy then try these arrangements. They all say “Happy Birthday” in a different way. 
  • Bunches of texture arrangements are flowers that are complementary to one another and arranged in a glass container. This is a unique look and brings out a feeling of “wow.” One of the most unusual arrangements was one using seed pods, fluffy flowers, and really different greenery. This arrangement lasted for weeks! 
  • Monochromatic is always awesome. Use your birthday pal’s favorite color and ask your florist to arrange a fresh bouquet of different flower in the same color range. Make it pop with greenery and a big fat balloon. 
  • Monobotanic features only one type of flower. You could do all roses, tulips, lilies. Include different colors of the same flower in the container. Wait for the huge hug and kiss from the happy birthday kid. (Remember those movies where the girl gets huge bouquets of only red roses? Romantic, memorable, and awesome. These are monobotanic arrangements.)
  • Just about any type of flowers are lovely. Do try and avoid gladiolas or lilies (these are funeral flowers). A mixed bouquet tends to last longer and using a favorite color can be awesome. 
  • You might want to consider the likes and dislikes of the birthday person. Would they like a bouquet or an arrangement? Do they want a plant they can transfer to their garden? Things to think about. 
  • Types of flowers, as well as colors, have different meanings. Consider the message you are trying to send. Your florist will know the types of flowers that should not be given for a happy occasion. If you have a Norwegian friend, do not send them white flowers for their birthday. 
  • Give a birthday arrangement that works in their hobbies. If your birthday buddy knits socks, have an arrangement that include knitting needles or yard into the flower bouquet. Could be unique and much appreciated. 
  • Be spontaneous. Mix up your flower giving. Use a wide variety of flowers and plants. Go large for a birthday. Have something memorable made. Arranging different types of sunflowers is happy, fun, and awesome. 
  • Giving flowers for a birthday to someone who does not usually receive flowers (your husband or boyfriend) can be shocking. Try asking your florist for help. They will have good suggestions. 
  • Use a contemporary style when choosing the arrangement. Go for bright and vibrant colors in a birthday bouquet. The sky is the limit, and your florist will know what to do. 

Recently a local florist made a masculine arrangement that included a beer mug with “foamy” white flowers on top. It brought out a laugh. Or ask for an arrangement of greens, pine cones, unusual seed pods, and subtle white roses. Very nice to sit on a masculine desk. 

When choosing flowers for a birthday, consider the person and then go for the best arrangement that fits their personality.