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Career With Our Floral Business

A Career as a Florist

Plan a career in an industry where your work makes the world a better place and enriches the lives of millions of people every year. If you have interests that lean toward creativity or even science, you will find a satisfying and rewarding profession in floriculture. The floral industry melds both the field of botany and creativity.  You can have a very diverse and challenging career in the florist industry.

A work environment that is cheerful and encourages creativity defines the florist industry. Florists enjoy careers that are wide open to design, customer service, and creativity. You fashion and design using nature’s products, combined with other embellishments. Fashion beautiful flower arrangements and help customers select the perfect floral gift for their special occasion.

Customer service is a huge part of the floral industry. You will need to be there for some of the most important moments in people’s lives. If you have a creative flair, and gift for empathizing with others, a career as a florist is the position for you.

If you want to branch out into greenhouse floral design, you will need to learn flower production, ordering, distributing, retailing, marketing, research and greenhouse design. You will need to learn climate control systems, soil analysis, and pest management.

Florists or floral designers need to know how to assemble floral arrangements. Floral design is so much more than just putting flowers in a vase. There is no formal education required, but a high school diploma and a talent for design is important. If you want to improve your design skills and become a floral designer, take high school art classes and community center art programs. There are private floral schools and trade schools who will help you obtain certification in floral design.

Although you do not need a degree in floral design, it is helpful for you to have a background in flower design and arrangements, horticulture, and a sense of what flowers and plants go together. A sense of style and color is essential, and a happy personality is vital.

The career path is one of service. Working with new nervous brides or the bereaved can be challenging, but it is so rewarding. You can also train to be an event coordinator, and your floral design skills will work well for you. Imagine being able to bring life to an event using floral arrangements.