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Star Florists in Chennai know that flowers brighten up a day, enhance an event, and provide a backdrop for a wedding, funeral or other special occasions. A true full-service florist offers all the personal assistance you need when ordering your floral designs. We pledge to give you that assistance.

We have direct contact with many nursery owners to ensure that we receive the best flowers for our arrangements. Our florists and designers arrange for the freshest sweet peas, Oriental and Asiatic lilies, delphinium, tulips, roses, and many other flower varieties from local sources. Local growers assure our shop, and you of the having the freshest flowers cut to your specifications. We care for our flowers. They are not just picked up from the grower, plucked into the water and held until we use them but are trimmed, preserved and loved until they are used.

We choose quality flowers. Our florists are discriminating buyers who hand select flowers every day to ensure that our clients have the highest quality and freshest flowers for floral arrangements. Our designers have years of combined experience and guarantee that all award-winning designs will be pleasing.

Our company promises the best value in floral designs and artistry. Along with our top-quality flowers, we also have gift basket items that we personally design. We promise personal service, prompt delivery and reasonable prices. 


use city florist in Mumbai


Normally when you go to a florist shop to buy flowers and have them delivered to family or friends in another state, your order will be placed online through e-commerce industry professionals called a wire service. A wire service is a network that connects thousands of local florists everywhere in the India Or Chennai. The major drawback is that wire services have a numerous amount of agents that receive a commission on the price you paid. When the florist took the order from you along with the wire service itself. Those commissions end up representing more than 25 percent of the price you paid for your flowers. The florist only gets 75 percent of what you paid. The ending result of this is your loved one who received the flowers got a lower valued arrangement than you originally ordered. Now that does not sound like a great deal. Although at Star Florist there is no extra commissions or extra costs, so your loved one will receive the full value of what you purchased.

we operate from office


Most florist shops, mainly in major urban cities, pay extremely high shop rents. Which mean you as a client end up paying even more to help cover their costs. Here at Star Florist we put our clients first, we have a different and perfect business model. Our bouquets are made in-house and in our workshop by our highly trained florists. We only sell online, which means we do not have a storefront cost. It enables us to provide our customers with beautiful arrangements at a much more affordable price and not the high end and local flower shops. Also at Star Florist you get all the benefits you are looking for when you go to your local florist. All of our floral arrangements can be delivered within 5 hours in Chennai.